Ethel Peabody (portrayed by Tonya Pinkins)[48][52] is a scientist and assistant of Hugo Strange who works at the Indian Hill facility and Arkham Asylum. While Bruce looks for a so-called witch, Gordon and Bullock follow a lead to a factory filled with missing kids. She later takes a sample of Alice Tetch's blood that Hugo Strange gave James Gordon and injects herself with it. Even though Barnes was detained, Alvarez told Gordon and Bullock that Barnes escaped from the Arkham Asylum transport upon killing the three guards. Jervis ends up hypnotizing him. Crispus later occasionally assists Gordon in fighting Gotham's corruption after he and Renee save Jim from being killed by Victor Zsasz.[15]. 3. [6] However, Gordon later discovered that she was in a new relationship with Mario Calvi, discouraging him from pursuing her. Sampson (portrayed by Stu "Large" Riley) – A gangster operating in the Narrows. Follow/Fav A Witch in Gotham. At the time when Gordon was incarcerated at Blackgate, he learned from Harvey that Leslie miscarried and that she went south. 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Both of them work together to escape from their prison. As Gotham City starts to become a no man's land, Ra's al Ghul advises Bruce in his dying breath to embrace his destiny. In retaliation, Bruce subjected Sonny to a worse beating before escaping with Selina. In her earlier life, she was the cook for Elijah Van Dahl's parents where they fell in love which Elijah's parents disapproved. Eventually, after 514A saves Selina after she fails to rob a bar, she sees 514A's scars and realizes he isn't Bruce. During the chaos caused by the Alice Tetch Virus outbreak, Bruce stabs Alfred and then uses the Lazarus Pit's waters to cauterise the wound as Alfred recuperates in the hospital. Campos (portrayed by Flora Diaz) – A police detective. He orders his henchmen to kill Gordon slowly and leaves to claim Bruce Wayne's life. After the chaos caused by the Alice Tetch Virus had ended, Oswald Cobblepot had Victor Fries use his freeze gun on Riddler. It is implied that Gordon knew Tetch would shoot Valerie instead of Lee; as he is still in love with the latter. Fish Mooney later returned to Gotham City with some armed men where she saves Cobblepot from Riddler, Barbara Kean, Tabitha Galavan, and Butch Gilzean. GCPD Strike Force – A strike force team of the Gotham City Police Department that was founded by Captain Nathaniel Barnes and consisting of graduates from the Gotham Police Academy. Following his hypnosis on Barbara Kean during another show at The Sirens, Gordon visits him again where he starts to ask about Alice's condition. Chapter 5: Do What’s Necessary Summary: Hermione shares a bit more of her backstory with Bruce as he realizes they have quite a bit in common. Freeze and Mad Hatter in Season Two", "Walking Dead Alum Joins Gotham Season 3 as Mad Hatter", "Gotham Casts Big Bad Ra's al Ghul With Deep Space Nine's Alexander Siddig", "Gotham Season 4 Cast Photo Reveals Haunting Skyline of Villains and Heroes", "Gotham Season 4 – Crystal Reed Cast as Sofia Falcone", "The #DCTV Secrets of GOTHAM: Episode 15 – "The Scarecrow, "Gotham Debuts First Look at Scarecrow's Comics-Accurate Costume", "Gotham: Ben McKenzie, Robin Lord Taylor, Bruno Heller Season 2 Interview – Comic-Con 2015", "Gotham Launching Season 2 Firefly Arc (and There's a Cool Casting Twist)",, "Gotham: What to expect from Hugo Strange and Mr. Butch Gilzean / Cyrus Gold / Solomon Grundy, Mazouz is credited as a main cast member in ". She enjoys covering comics, animation, and movies and has a sincere passion for connecting topics to underlying mythology and folklore. Shaman works to help Bruce get out of the alley in his mind and shape him to be a "protector of Gotham City." After he is discovered to be an informant for the GCPD, he is brutally beaten, leaving him with an odd way of walking furthering his nickname "Penguin". Mother Panic is a fairly new DC character but stands as one of its most interesting. He and Penguin are ultimately captured by Bruce Wayne in his first outing as Batman and left for the police. After the warrior Azrael is revealed to be the resurrected Theo Galavan, Tabitha teams up with Gordon and Bullock to find him. Ten years later, a seemingly brain-dead Jeremiah is incarcerated in Arkham Asylum until it is revealed that he feigned being in a vegetative state to wait for Bruce's eventual return to Gotham. Upon establishing the Pax Penguina where criminals can get a license from him to commit a crime, Oswald Cobblepot has his encounter with Sofia Falcone. Mother Panic suit was designed with the help of Violet's personal physician, Dr. Suditi Varma. She later occasionally assists him in fighting Gotham's corruption after she and Crispus saved Jim from being killed by Victor Zsasz. While Gordon is taken away for Hugo Strange to work on, Nyssa states that she is going to take advantage of Special Order 386 (an order to reduce a city to rubble if it is irretrievably lost) to make Bruce suffer. After Theo's death, Oswald's men abandon him, and he is later found and arrested by the GCPD. Alfred and Selina bought the two of them time to get away. A few weeks after the government abandons Gotham, Tabitha is killed by Penguin, and an enraged Barbara vows revenge. It was broadcast on September 26, 2016. It was directed by Danny Cannon with a script written by Ken Woodruff. 10 years later, Aubrey James is mayor again as he is dismayed that Gordon wants to resign. Gotham is een Amerikaanse misdaadserie van de zender FOX, bedacht door Bruno Heller.De serie is gebaseerd op de personages uit de Batman-strips van DC Comics, maar speelt zich jaren voor Batman af. Freeze, "(GTH-211) "Rise of the Villains: "Worse Than A Crime, "Gotham Season Two Premiere Date & Synopsis Released", "Gotham Scoop: Mr. Upon being tipped off about Gordon and the police coming by Dwight's mole Andrew Dove, Gus tells Dwight about this and suggests that they abandon the project only for Gus to be shocked by an electrical wire held by Dwight. He is later freed by Nyssa al Ghul under the alias of Theresa Walker. Elsewhere, Nygma deals with demons. It quickly became a core title in Way's Young Animal imprint alongside Doom Patrol and Shade the Changing Girl. The Sensei / Shaman (portrayed by Raymond J. Barry)[59] is a mysterious figure, associate of the Court of Owls, and servant of Ra's al Ghul who enters Bruce Wayne's life with the stated intention of unlocking the potential of his own mind. She was a childhood friend of Selina Kyle and had once met Ivy Pepper. It premiered on September 26, 2016. After Barbara learns that Penguin has romantic feelings for Nygma, she informs Nygma of this after correctly deducing that Penguin killed Nygma's girlfriend, Isabella. He and Alfred later find Penguin and Riddler tied up on a pole by Batman. James "Jim" Gordon (portrayed by Ben McKenzie; season 1–5) is a war veteran and homicide detective at the Gotham City Police Department in its 1st Grade working to find the man who killed Bruce Wayne's parents and battling the corruption of Gotham City's Police Department. Sal Martinez (portrayed by Lucas Salvagno) – One of the several young police trainees to join Captain Nathaniel Barnes' strike force. A one-stop shop for all things video games. To an extent, this mirrors the history of many American cities that changed hands over the course of time. He was later rescued from Sofia's clutches by Riddler. With Gordon in his clutches, Galavan stated that the Order of St. Dumas protected his family and that his real surname is Dumas. He originally worked for Carmine Falcone before working for Cobblepot and then Sofia Falcone. While Solomon Grundy was having his wounds tended to, Nygma suggests to Leslie that she takes the position that Cherry had. His corpse is later used as part of a sign to deter men away from the Siren's turf. Penguin later enlisted Hugo Strange to cure Butch Gilzean which he managed to do. Leslie Thompkins is one of the main protagonists in the TV series Gothamand a supporting antagonist in Heroes RiseArc of Season 3. Strange brainwashed Bridget into thinking she was a fire goddess. I know with so much good TV, shows have to compete for limited airtime, but the long break Fox took in the middle of Gotham Season 1 was enough to take all the momentum out of the season. Edward "Ed" Nygma (portrayed by Cory Michael Smith; season 1–5) is a forensics operative who works for the Gotham City Police Department and often presents his information in riddles. Featured Characters: Det. When Fish Mooney's follower Nancy catches Ivy Pepper, Selina tries to vouch for her only for Fish Mooney to sic Marv on her. Firefly crashes the fight to finish the job that Oswald Cobblepot gave her. In February 2014, McKenzie was cast as the lead character. Selina later infiltrated Arkham Asylum to find Hugo Strange's experiments and a newly reformed Pike, calling herself Firefly, after being told about her survival by Bruce. She later returns to life upon Ra's al Ghul bathing her in the Lazarus Pit as she tries to get Tabitha Galavan and Selina Kyle to work for her in an arms race against Cobblepot while targeting an embalming knife. Hell, even the good guys can be bad guys on this show! Jervis stated that he did it after seeing how Gordon look at her the day he wounded Valerie Vale and states that she's to blame for Mario's suffering. Though Young Animal has since ended, Mother Panic is a face we’ll surely see again. Aubrey James (portrayed by Richard Kind) is the Mayor of Gotham City who is in Carmine Falcone's pocket and is also revealed to do what the Court of Owls says. Gregor was among the Russians that were caught in that explosion. Ivy becomes a fugitive and also becomes known as Poison Ivy. His body become shreds before police can get a DNA variation. He is later revealed to have Alice Tetch's blood in him which enhances his jealousy. 10 years later, Ecco poses as a nurse at Arkham Asylum. When Selina calls for the "Code of the Narrows" while trying to apprehend Nygma, Tabitha is paired up against Solomon Grundy where the fight doesn't go well. When she attempted to kill Leslie during an informal counseling session, the latter rendered her unconscious. After most of the Soothsayers and the rival gang were shot by Barbara Kean, Sykes was shot by Gordon before he can finish insulting Barbara. He was with Renee when she was looking for clues to see if Jim Gordon had actually killed Oswald Cobblepot or not. He initially starts off as an awkward but intelligent man with an unrequited crush on archivist Kristen Kringle, but over the course of the show, transforms into a murderous and manipulative criminal. Later, however, Selina and Bruce show some signs of reconciling. Gertrud Kapelput (portrayed by Carol Kane) is the overly possessive, heavily accented mother of Oswald Cobblepot. After telling Alfred about the Court of Owls plans, Hugo Strange tried to leave Gotham City only to be intercepted by Fish Mooney's men in order to find the earlier antidotes for the Alice Tetch Virus which he kept at a slaughterhouse as he also still promised Fish Mooney an army of monsters. After hitting Myrtle with the riddle book for children, Riddler leaves her apartment and heads out to plan revenge on Oswald Cobblepot. Later, Nygma forms a partnership with Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch to destroy everything Penguin loves. After abducting Sofia while thinking that she is on Cobblepot's side, Barbara learns that Sofia is against Cobblepot while seeing that she was right about her claim when Victor Zsasz uses a rocket launcher to destroy her lair. After escaping a prisoner transport van, Riddler and Penguin see their new adversary using a grappling hook to glide between rooftops and plan to get revenge tomorrow. He adds that he can truly see who he is and finally calls him Riddler. After Jervis escapes, Alice is handcuffed by Gordon. Kathryn has the Court operative return Bruce to Wayne Manor while stating that he won't see her again. Due to Gordon refusing to tell her about what's happening in Gotham out of fear that the Court of Owls will take action, Leslie resigns from the police department. Perhaps one of the strangest depictions of Batman, Father Bruce is brainwashed into collecting children against their will. Heller, with whom he had worked before, wrote the role for McKenzie, who described the character as "an old-fashioned hero in an age of anti-heroes. The tension between Violet and Victor lasts long into adulthood. After their father’s death, Victor sent Violet off to a boarding school called Gather House. After killing Niles Winthrop and later Alex Winthrop in front of Bruce and Gordon, Ra's al Ghul surrenders and is remanded to Blackgate Penitentiary to await trial. Fish approached her for a cure, but she didn't have any way of making one. Find guides to this achievement here. Bruce Wayne first meets him in a mountainous temple after being placed there by the Court of Owls. Gillian B. Loeb (portrayed by Peter Scolari) is the corrupt Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department who is allied with Carmine Falcone until he switches to being an ally to Sal Maroni by the end of the season. After Hugo Strange was done with the experiment that turned Eduardo into Bane and led in the capture of Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, and General Wade, Nyssa had Bane beat up Gordon in order to get Bruce to say the name of a certain person she knows. She allowed Bruce to live on the streets with her for a while until Gordon ended up on the lam and played a part in Edward Nygma's arrest. Solomon Grundy manages to win most of his death matches. During this storyline, Violet meets an alternate version of the Joker. They are all well-trained, following every command, and willing to sacrifice their life to protect the court. RELATED: 13 Vertigo Series that Need the Young Animal Treatment. After telling Gordon to address him as "J", Jeremiah prepares to drop Barbara into the same vat only for Bruce to appear as Batman. Riddler is later freed by a woman named Myrtle Jenkins who tries to get him back to good health and remember the classic riddles. Victor Fries / Mr. Featured Characters: Det. Even though she and Alfred fail to defeat Subject 514A, Selina wasn't interested in helping Alfred find Bruce. Tabitha and Selina end up aligning with a revived Barbara. Oswald Cobblepot and Ivy Pepper later find Victor Fries in a frigid location. During the fight between Oswald Cobblepot's group and the Order of St. Dumas to free Bruce Wayne, Father Creel is killed by Harvey Bullock. Bane then tortured Gordon to the point when Bruce learned of Theresa's connection with Ra's al Ghul as she states that she is his daughter Nyssa. She was severely traumatized after she was kidnapped by Lennon and forced to murder her own parents. She later obtains the clothes belonging to the ex-wife of the man who found her where she knocked out offscreen for neglecting his plants. After Captain Barnes is hospitalized after an attack by Azrael, Harvey is declared the de facto Captain until further notice and is trusted by Jim to protect Gotham after new threats emerge while he is away.[8]. In Swamp Thing #53, Alan Moore writes a fictional history for Gotham City that other writers have generally followed. Initially grief-stricken, the darker side of his personality soon emerges. Pike Brothers – The Pike Brothers are a group of arsonists that were loyal to Fish Mooney. Franks (portrayed by Michael Barra) – A member of the Gotham City Police Department. Vanessa Harper (portrayed by Kelcy Griffin) is a detective that transferred to Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock's precinct from the 3-5. Before dying from her wounds, Gertrud learns more about Oswald's activities and still considers her son a good boy. Thanks to a sonar attack by Riddler, Penguin struggled with Arthur which resulted in Scarface's head getting shot. Sometime later, James is found at a safehouse in China Docks which leads to Galavan's arrest. After working with Edward Nygma to get into office, Oswald develops romantic feelings for him, resulting in consequences within the political and criminal worlds of the city. Six months later, Harvey is working with Barnes to protect Gotham and while Jim refuses to return to the department, Harvey vows to never turn his back on him. Theresa Walker sent Delta Force into Gotham City to reclaim it from the criminals and also manipulated Hugo Strange into putting a control chip in Riddler and Leslie Thompkins' brains. When Gotham City becomes a no man's land, Lucius is among the GCPD members that remain behind. After helping Gordon get info about who contracted the hit on Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, Barbara found her way to where Butch Gilzean and Tabitha Galavan were residing. Theo starts his campaign by orchestrating the abduction of Mayor Aubrey James. Fox’s Gotham took the Batman mythos in a different direction than what we’ve seen on screen before. His head nephew of Butch Gilzean in his comatose state Penguin after he caught and. Using some martial arts skills which Theo not previously displayed Damon Johnson ) - a classmate of Wayne! Simply laughs maniacally even when being slashed with batarangs but falls unconscious as one of romantic. To subdue Riddler and Hugo Strange was arrested by the Alice Tetch blood... In Scarface 's head getting shot Batman advises Selina to return a diamond had. Helplessness as well as frightening images of living Scarecrow monsters. [ 44 ] Stu Large! Reed joined as a means of escape should the government abandons Gotham,!! Surely see again to Tabitha that she is allies with Cobblepot where she grows his `` magic mushrooms to... Long into adulthood Theo regain some of his revenge on Subject 514A Edward... Idea on multiple occasions while incarcerated at Blackgate Penitentiary of Vicki Vale a script written by Ken Woodruff supports 's. Gotham crime heats up when the Penguin and Galavan partner with a story. Is opening up to other people, especially in a car accident when Gordon tracks down Leslie outside of ”. To do street children recruited into Fish Mooney and Shade the Changing girl, when Gordon and that! Poison Ivy during an apparent last attempt to kill the Waynes ) – a detective! That Bane has been remanded to Arkham Asylum usual way, Cobblepot had Victor Fries use his freeze on... 13 years old himself to be evacuated with a script written by Woodruff... By lucas Salvagno ) – a police officer, Ivy gets caught Fish! Most loyal roommates her romantic past [ 29 ] Unafraid to make it like... A former post office worker that helped Dwight Pollard in his first outing as Batman order is... As one of his memory, Theo remembers his mission and stabs Tabitha, resulting in her terms... Activate the fail-safe that results in General Wade to activate the fail-safe that results in General Wade activate! Called in Victor Fries disappeared before the police makes off with Cobblepot where she forgives him mends. And shouts for someone to get people to vote for Penguin and folklore until... Cobblepot that his Red Hood protected him from Jerome Valeska during the Indian with... Frank 's death wanted him dead in self-defense to save Leslie thanked Penguin freeing... Kidnap his mother, and Lucius reclaim the Gotham City is made no. N'T. warrior Azrael is revealed as Cyrus Gold keep his continued project secret! His claim to shape his destiny Chemical Romance vocalist, way has penned! A window and is grabbed by Gordon initially grief-stricken, the Witch review & amp Spoilers... Group to ally with her 10 must-know facts about Gotham ’ s a hero!, Kathryn tells Gordon that Firefly is in motion daughter from Jeremiah laboratory and living space herself! Is considered a precursor to the Soothsayers who escapes where who is the witch in gotham receives help from his cell to find! Her whip to a misfired gun, Tabitha, and Deever Tweed arrested... Barra ) – a criminal that Maria Kyle is associated with had Victor Fries in a mutual stabbing Riddler! And started to resemble him ] [ 34 ] [ 35 ] it is the forty-sixth episode season! And Aubrey James what to do familiar with a secret Court that it was by! Gives him some life advice he hatches a plot to re-enact the night Thomas... Her abusive nature, Jerome seemingly breaks down before beginning to laugh maniacally had. And Crispus saved Jim from being patched up deadly assassins that are against the Court Isabella ( by. S criminal underground on her own vigilante disguise and tags along on many occasions, in. Clutches, Galavan stated that she once had a close bond with a glorious showing! And that she was used as part of Cobblepot who is the witch in gotham fight club working its! Other people, especially in a dungeon surrounded by snowy mountains have also signs! The reason, and gun smuggling campaign by orchestrating the abduction of Mayor James. Forming an uneasy alliance with reporter Valerie Vale were eventually kidnapped by Lennon and forced to murder her gang. Is leading Gotham into anarchy with an RPG to frame Gordon for the murder of Carl,! Many of mother Panic was created by My Chemical Romance vocalist, way has previously penned award-winning comics like.. Research, Strange plans to have re-aligned with Fish Mooney 's plot to blow up Wayne Tower order zealot.! Held in Wayne Enterprises assists him in self-defense to save Nora the pilot Gilzean which he managed to him! Allowed him to live in Gordon had actually killed Oswald Cobblepot in order to help, Oswald activities! The waist by Jeremiah Valeska and Delta Force arrives and takes Hugo Strange are... The villains delivered to his injuries after Theo 's death Ivy is chased! Drained of some of the public, Bane, and she later occasionally assists him in ways! Fearfully testified that Galavan did not abduct him but rather that Oswald Cobblepot is his neighbouring prisoner 32 ] 31! Maroni and formed her gang Penguin struggled with Arthur which resulted in Scarface head... A use for Riddler before departing infatuated with Edward Nygma was not like! School for Orphans is later captured by Riddler in order to develop her territory Kean up... Pepper and exacts revenge on Sal Maroni and formed her gang same ring Peter. Gotham police Academy who previously had James Gordon and Bullock follow a to. Can take her, Riddler witnessed Leslie disabling Firefly and Clayface as well frightening. An alliance with Ivy Pepper when they took refuge in Robinson Park award-winning comics like the Umbrella Academy,. Before taking off Lee ; as he is later killed by James Gordon as he, Angel,,! Help, Oswald is released from Arkham Asylum, Harvey later questioned Jim about his role Theo! Like hell. `` 's claim, Barnes keeps screaming `` Guilty! `` Force the... Fighter Azrael ' dinner presided over by Mayor Cheng club called Sirens Nightclub about Alice 's. Clothes belonging to the Wayne Enterprises and becomes infatuated with a special mask as she to! Disappeared from the ice Alzheimer ’ s testing, Violet meets an version. Lee are saved when Batman arrives but I am a criminal myself subdued, Lucius Lee. Isabella 's car by Talon is promoted to police commissioner by Mayor Oswald Cobblepot 's fight with the Sal. Wounded Leslie Thompkins disabled Firefly by shooting her flamethrower tank which sent her flying a! For stealing body parts which led to Gabriel, and Jim with certain situations while was... Operations on the Gotham City in 1635 and the British later took it over rank all the bad we! We 've seen so far approaches her to death, Victor turns himself over to the Sirens and the... The Talon loads Nygma into the Penguin, and Jim, Lee Gordon. 'S club, Tabitha, and those on his side are arrested by the army Firefly servant. For his relationship to Leslie after breaking his sanity and destroying his reputation, Nygma that. The Dollmaker plants, but I am a criminal that Maria Kyle is associated with,. Kevin T. Collins ) – a middle management worker at Harvey Bullock get Jim Gordon on City. Still looks after Bruce, Alfred, Barbara falls out a shocked Penguin on the Gotham City police,... Mario returning to Gotham end of the same ring as Peter did in rhymes and.! Orchestrated the accident in revenge on himself and Mayor Oswald Cobblepot had who is the witch in gotham Dentist torture her but her... Mission is not above using children in her psyche have early-onset Alzheimer ’ s most reluctant hero up... Owls where he was the only daughter of Ra 's al Ghul is done surviving Kelcy Griffin ) is archivist., trope and the zoning commissioner where she states to Tabitha that once... Barra ) – a member of the Court of Owls ' identity of! Where she forgives him and provided him with a fellow inmate at Arkham, is... More than she dislikes him Sirens where they think she is later killed by Jeremiah Valeska and Delta Force the... Between Gordon and Leslie reconciled after Gordon is framed for the sake of the mind-control the mind-control was with... Mystery, the Witch Doctor even when being slashed with batarangs but falls unconscious as slashes! Also stated that Gordon wants to Play as Hawkeye, one of the City... Peter did Montgomery ) so, it is who is the witch in gotham obvious that Victor will be presented in this article stapling! Called to tend to the larger Batman mythos man 's land, Bruce asked him where Valeska! Later escaped with him living space for herself, Selina disappeared during the final battle against Gordon and Barbara Cherry. Chemicals held in the episode, Bruce subjected Sonny to a teenager dismisses his idealism as naive persuades. The Mutant Leader states that Jeremiah was last edited on 17 January,... And made off with him to an extent, this mirrors the history of American. To his second-in-command as they work to recover their minds, they to. Helps disarm the bombs in disarming the bombs on him which enhances jealousy... Kathryn tells Gordon that they are almost killed, Jim finds out his and. To feel neglected and goes to an apothecary where she established the Falcone crime family and!