Made of the highest quality, durable, non-leaded European crystal, Lifetime replacement policy in case of breakages, Dishwasher safe – although hand washing is recommended for prolonged life. Whether you’re looking for the perfect glass for your classic evening martini on the rocks or just want a more beautiful way to enjoy a cold glass of refreshing water, these stemless martini glasses are the perfect solution to your drinking needs. Designed by renowned bartender Rémy Savage, these 8-ounce coupes from Nude may look delicate, but they're built to last. Shop unique glasses in crystal and Murano glass, luxury decanters and chalices. If a subtle sip is all you need to get your taste buds tingling, you’ll love Juvale Martini Glasses Set of 6. They’ve updated them to suit a more modern kitchen while maintaining the timeless elegance a great martini glass deserves. At around 6 ounces, the glasses are perfect for cocktails or Champagne. Crystal. Made of the most stunning lead-free crystal that’s durable enough to withstand the dishwasher, these glasses make use of the classic crystal designs you might recognize from more historic glassware. Note that the stem of a Martini glass helps keep hand heat away from the chilled liquid, so be cautious about holding this glass for too long. "What I love about the Savage Coupe is that it is a modern twist on the classic coupe," says Mark Addison, author of "Cocktail Chameleon." "With its elegant, elongated stem and exaggerated minimalist silhouette, it makes an ideal vessel for sophisticated-looking cocktails as well as sparkling beverages. Tuscany Martini Glasses 6 Piece Value Set $72.00 Sale $49.99 Extra 15% off code: CLEAR Extra 15% off code: CLEAR. More than just beautiful martini glasses, you can also pick up red and white wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses for every style of beer, pitchers and decanters, a whole range of bespoke cocktail glasses, bar tools, and so much more. Martini Glasses. Their smaller-ounce capacity is revered as being perfect for a ‘real’ martini. They’re also committed to reducing carbon emissions in their manufacturing process to be the ‘cleanest’ glassware manufacturer in the world, so you can enjoy every sip without ever needing to worry about your environmental impact. With over 186 years of experience, Libbey is an expert when it comes to blending beauty and functionality, and these stemless martini glasses with cleverly weighted bottoms to avoid spills are a stunning example of the balance of this glassware company does best. A wide variety of designer martini glasses options are available to you, such as drinkware type, feature, and quantity. J & L LOBMEYR - founded in 1823. These glasses are for everyone. Luxury Handmade Cocktail Glasses Designed by Urban Bar Urban Bar’s collection of luxury cocktail glasses comprises a wide range of styles. Similar to how Moscow Mules are served in copper mugs to protect them from outside temperatures, these metal-accented glasses are designed to keep your Martinis ice-cold. offers 1,015 designer martini glasses products. With beautifully balanced proportions, the classic martini shape, and a strong point to hold your glass without worrying about ruining your chilled drink with warm hands, these martini glasses should be a staple in every home. Free Shipping and Free Returns available, or buy online and pick up in store! The heavier weight of the crystal also adds stability. If you are more of a whiskey lover, check out our list of the top whiskey glasses everyone is buying right now. This stunning set of six martini glasses is a little more traditional than the Cosmopolitan selection we looked at earlier but will feel no less at home in even the most modern kitchens. They're also machine-made (read: inexpensive, but still quality) and designed to have the liquid hit your mid-palate in every sip without having to tilt your head back. Because sometimes you need to have your martini with a twist, this stunning Bormioli set has taken the classic elegance of a traditional martini glass and updated it to suit any modern drinkers who take their martini with something a little different. Read Next: The Best Cocktail Shakers, According to Experts, "For my money, I would never want to drink a Martini out of anything but a coupe glass," says Jordan Johnson, head bartender at The Register. The bold style used by JoyJolt in the design of these glasses truly makes them stand out from the crowd, and they even come in a gorgeous gift box, making them the perfect stylish gift for any occasion. Each is 4.6"Dia. Ships in 3 … With a 10-ounce capacity, you and your guests won’t need to worry about constant trips to the bar to keep your new favorite glassware filled. Note that it's recommended to wash these glasses by hand. Looking for a clear Martini glass, check our Designer collection for the Midtown Martini 12 oz. Our cocktail glasses are all made in di The bowl of the glass is suspended on a whisper-thin stem, with an angular lip to prevent sloshing or spilling. Perfect for a party or girls night in, these unique martini glasses are a beautiful blend of a timeless classic with a modern twist (or swirl). Type. Imported. Martini glass prices. There are rounded Nick and Nora glasses, cut crystal glasses, and vintage-inspired coupes, and all will do an excellent job of holding a Martini. "Adage whisky carafe in crystal & crystal glasses." 98 Items. Made of 100% BPA free Tritan (a material with the durability of plastic but look and feel of glass that won’t discolor or lose its shine after washing). The classic look of these glasses will instantly add class to any dinner party or social gathering and make the perfect housewarming gift for anyone who loves a classic cocktail but doesn’t always want to head to the bar. Renowned for creating glassware to the highest possible standards and with a rich history of incredible craftsmanship, Lenox is truly a luxury brand with an eye for the most beautiful and unique shapes inspired by classic, traditional looks. While the glass has an elongated, sophisticated silhouette, it’s dishwasher safe and constructed from chip-resistant glassware. Another offering from Libbey, this time looking at their stunning Vina Collection glasses, there’s little wonder why Libbey has made it onto our list of the Best Martini Glasses twice. A generous 12-ounce bowl capacity means you can enjoy your favorite martinis, cosmos, or Manhattans without needing to go back for constant refills, and the beautiful clear glass is ideal for showing off a unique garnish or the stunning colors of a more modern cocktail. Martini Glasses - Collection Made of stainless steel with a brushed satin finish, 13 Best Whiskey Glasses For Men (Review) in 2021, 19 Gifts For Men Who Love To Drink in 2021, This product guide was written by GearHungry Staff, Luminarc Arc International Martini Glass Set, Epure Milano Collection Cocktail Glass Set, Luminarc International Atlas Martini Glass, Godinger Dublin Collection Martini Glasses, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, Libbey’s glorious Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses, Luminarc International Atlas Martini Glasses. The proprietary cooling gel in the walls of the glasses effortlessly cools down any drink. This particular iteration is an excellent entry-level option. The essential addition to any home bar or restaurant, these 5-ounce martini glasses do the job of adding some style and sophistication to any glassware collection. With offer $42.49. Or perhaps you’re the awkward friend who has their drinks in a plastic cup whenever you’re not entertaining for fear of breakages? This gives you the ability to position the garnish closer to the center of the glass, which keeps all aromatic elements of the garnish closer to home.". For more cool kitchen necessities, check out our list of the best-selling beer koozies. Drawing inspiration from their maker’s name, these martini glasses are a good demonstration of pure and simple glassware free of any bells and whistles to distract you from the elegance and class offered by a simple martini in just the right glass. If you are more of a beer lover, make sure to check out these quality beer glasses, too. ... Set of 2 Lismore Black Martini Glasses. These glasses have a gel-pack inner lining, meaning they can be frozen before use and maintain their coldness for hours without ice. Stainless Steel Martini Glasses With Atomiser and Recipe E-Book $60 for set of four BUY NOW This fun four-piece set of stainless steel martini glasses had to make our list for a number of reasons. The plastic construction is not only advantageous for keeping your drinks cold, but it also means these stemless martini glasses are the perfect addition to any garden party. Waterford Crystal. Elegance Martini Glasses, Set of 2. They’re also wonderful for food presentation; imagine your dinner party guests’ surprise and delight when you bring out a gourmet strawberry shortcake trifle or classic New York cheesecake perfectly presented in these stemless martini glasses. Get our best cocktail recipes, tips, and more when you sign up for our newsletter. Their durable, lead-free glass used in manufacturing means you don’t need to worry about tipsy users; they’re even dishwasher safe! Here are the best Martini glasses to drink from today. Waterford Crystal is one of the most prestigious glassware options out there. Dedicated to finding the perfectly shaped glass for every drink, Luminarc Arc International Martini Glass Set is our Best Choice for timeless, iconic martini glasses. This particular collection offers you a set of four classic 10-ounce martini glasses that are perfect for your favorite tipple and are even dishwasher safe so you and your friends can enjoy without worrying about the clean up afterward! “The cut crystal asymmetrical stem and straight-edged off-center bowl shape give it an ultra-funky flare,” says Addison. Designer. Vodka or gin, dirty or dry—no matter how you like your Martini, all will end up in the same Martini glass. This Schott Zwiesel glass channels the classic design of a V-shaped Martini glass with a contemporary approach. The smooth curve of these stemless martini glasses elegantly slides into a sturdy base, offering the beautiful aesthetics of a classic martini glass without the risk involved with a fragile glass stem. While a martini glass is a classic, timeless staple, these glasses are perfect for a more modern cosmopolitan cocktail with the exact right presentation. These sturdy glasses are sure to keep your drinks and furniture safe when cocktail hour turns into dance party night at your place. Made at home in the USA by the ‘cleanest’ glassware manufacturer in the world. With a reinforced rim, heavy base, and an incredible fit in hand, you’ll feel like the next James Bond with every sip from this classic martini glass. Whether you prefer stemmed or stemless martini glasses, you can mix, stir, and shake your way to full sophistication, knowing you’ve picked the right one for your home. Read Next: The Best Cocktail Books, According to Experts. $50-$300 gift card. Lenox Martini Glass. She loves a Gibson Martini. From shop HandpaintedGifts. What’s more, careful craftsmanship goes into making the crystal as durable as possible. 2.59 pounds. each making them ideal for cocktails, whiskey, scotch, wine and liquor. You can also find wine glasses, whiskey tumblers, and even plates with matching designs from Mikasa, so your glassware and kitchen collections can be as stunning and unique as your home. Whether you like your drink shaken or stirred, with vodka or gin, everyone deserves to feel like a star – even on the couch. Free shipping. The short, wide stem ensures plenty of stability in the glass, without worrying about the risks involved with fragile stems, and the cup itself is a comfortable, secure grip. Set of two. Perfect for formal entertaining and durable enough for everyday use. With a 6-ounce capacity, this is a durable, versatile glass for a bar setting. With the right cocktail glasses, its easy to entertain friends and enjoy alcoholic beverages. HermÈs - since 1837. Price [+] Help us improve our filters. Although you might associate the classic crystal glassware look with your grandmother, this set of Godinger Dublin 4 martini glasses certainly isn’t outdated. Best coupled with a vibrant drink to counteract the silver color of the glass, these martini glasses effortlessly keep your drinks cool and give an incredibly sophisticated-chic look to any home bar or restaurant. One glass each featuring pinstripes, horizontal lines, dots, and swirls; no need for wine charms to distinguish between glasses. Shop glass martini glasses at Horchow, and browse our fantastic selection of luxury home furnishings, elegant decor, gifts & more. What’s more, they’re dishwasher safe (although they recommend hand washing for long life) and made of the highest quality lead-free glass, so cleaning up after a night in with Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda doesn’t need to be a hassle. We love the idea of giving this generous set as a gift, particularly for engagement parties or work gatherings. These martini glasses are a testament to the quality and talent of the Godinger craftsmen. These could also make a nice Valentine’s Day gift for guys who like cocktails. The size of the bowl also lends itself beautifully for unique ways to serve delicious deserts! Dedicated to finding the perfectly shaped glass for every drink, Luminarc Arc International Add a bit of fun to your after-work cocktails with this gorgeous set of Martini Glasses from Mikasa. Handmade in France, these splurge-worthy crystal coupes feature an off-center design. COLDER AND FRESHER COCKTAILS: The double-walled insulated design helps retain cold drink temperatures to keep your drinks more enjoyable, crisp, and delicious. Glasses & Drinkware. Glasses & Drinkware. Whatever the occasion, our exquisite range of designer cocktail glasses are an opulent way to elevate your luxury dining table or bar. Save now with 0% off Martini Brushed Steel LED Cord Mini Pendant with Amber Glass Shade. “Just like Goldilocks—[it] can't be too big and certainly can't be too small to hold the liquid gold itself without spilling.”. By creating stunning glassware from 100% Tritan, you can feel confident that you’ve finally got a set of martini glasses that will stand the test of time. Made with genuine crystal, these 7-ounce glasses feature the brand’s signature geometric grid-cut pattern. Winter Break: Save up to 70% when you take an extra 50% off a … They’ll survive the freezer, won’t be hurt if dropped on the patio, and are weighted to avoid spillages so that you can use them without worry time and time again. $235. "Riedel’s Nick and Nora glasses are my personal favorite Martini glass," says Adam Rowe, bar manager of Leon’s Full Service in Decatur, Ga. Waterford Crystal Set of 2 Lismore Black Martini Glasses Details Martini glasses in a contrast of opaque black and clear cut-crystal. Even after going through the dishwasher, they remain transparent, so you don’t need to feel unsophisticated when sipping your classy Manhattan from this set. Inexpensive: Low-priced martini glasses for $5 to $10 may be made of plastic or glass, though glass martini glasses in this range are usually sold individually.If you are looking for a large set of plastic martini glasses for a party, this is a good range to consider. $300. Few drinks give you quite the same feeling of class and sophistication as the classic martini, and with so many variations to choose from, you can even add a dash of fun to this traditional drink to make it your own. This product contains precious metals and should not be placed in the microwave or dishwasher. Shop our collection of David Redman accessories today." Whichever cocktail you're in the mood for, we have a cocktail glass to cater to every recipe including martini glasses, margarita glasses, highball cocktail glasses and more. Going in an entirely different direction to the rest of the best martini glasses on our list, this set of two martini ‘goblets’ from Oggi is a great way to express your individuality without letting go of the timeless style and sophistication a great martini offers. Whether you’re the sort of person who loves a classic martini after work or are hosting a fabulous dinner party, these martini glasses are sure to wow everyone who lays eyes on them. Lenox Tuscany Classics 4-piece Martini Glass Set, 3.35 LB, Clear. With a wonderfully broad and shallow bowl, these martini glasses also make a remarkable statement when used to present appetizers or desserts at your next dinner party. These feel like the no-nonsense sort of martini glass out of which Winston Churchill might have enjoyed his favorite beverage. No matter if it's shaken or stirred, we have a martini glass to match your style! Another classic martini glass offering from one of our favorite USA based glassware manufacturers, this set of Luminarc International Atlas Martini Glasses, is genuinely timeless elegance in a glass. Ends 11/15. "The Nick and Nora is my personal favorite glass for cocktails in general," says Tanner Agar, owner of Rye in McKinney, Texas. STEMLESS MARTINI GLASS SET: An elegant shape made for chilling drinks, these glasses hold 7 oz. Whether you’re the glass breaker or it’s a guilty loved one, you can finally enjoy a good martini or other cocktails in a proper martini glass thanks to this Set Of 4 Unbreakable Martini Glasses, perfect for every occasion. Boasting their 35 years of experience, Epure has chosen to keep things simple with this martini glass set, which sits comfortably in their Milan collection, taking inspiration from the clean, classic style so typical of such a beautiful area of Italy. From shop FabFinds42. Rating: 95% Overall. 547 Reviews. You can sip, shake, and stir without ever worrying about ruining your stunning glassware (although spilling a drink almost hurts as much as broken glass!). Constructed from lead-free colored crystal, the 12-ounce glasses also feature polished copper curves for an elevated look. Crystal Classics specializes in wine glasses and barware, tailored by famous makers like Riedel, Schott Zwiesel, Waterford, Baccarat, and Cashs to each of the varietals you enjoy the most. Gin & Martini Glasses Create the perfect aperitif with our selection of cocktail glasses. With nearly 200 years’ worth of experience, Luminarc has thought hard about what makes a classic martini glass in the design stage for this set, and the result is a timeless beauty that still wouldn’t look out of place in a more modern kitchen. Another stunning set of four stemless martini glasses, Libbey’s glorious Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses, will instantly transform your kitchen and entertaining space into a classy Manhattan cantina. Pair beautiful cocktails with equally stunning glassware. Rather than using glass or any other transparent material, these goblets are made from stainless steel to create a stunning and unusual visual effect that works surprisingly well in a modern bar or kitchen. x 7"T and holds 7.4 ounces. The two octagonal glasses have a unique, off-base design with an ergonomically curved edge, so they will nestle comfortably in your hand. Collection offers unique and customizable stemware and table decor for your next party in Washington, DC. These particular Lenox martini glasses have been inspired from vineyards in Tuscany, to bring a blend of authentic Italian style and sensual pleasures to every sip. Free ship at $25 Free ship at $25 (41) more like this. As part of the JoyJolt Afina Collection, these stemless martini glasses take advantage of a unique base design to avoid spillage and cutting-edge use of materials to make martini glasses that are completely dishwasher safe and almost indestructible. Our buying guide on shot glasses features some more quality glassware, so make sure to check it out, too. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. They’re perfect for bars or restaurants as well, so you can drink with confidence at home and feel proud to share such a unique set of glassware with your friends and family at your next party. review process here. Made right here in the USA, Luminarc effortlessly blends traditional style with a contemporary twist to create stunning glassware. "Designer David Redman is a global leader in making luxury glasses and crystal items.

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