MONTANA - 1937 passenger car license plate - number 13 from Richland County Condition: Used. assigned based on most populous to least populous counties; sequence numbers The list below includes the name of the county seat followed by the name of the county. New base plates were issued in 1981, 1989, 1995, 2002 and 2007 with stickers used for all other years. Montana has two consolidated city-counties—Anaconda with Deer Lodge County and Butte with Silver Bow County.The portion of Yellowstone National Park that lies within Montana was not part of any county until 1978, when part of it was nominally added to Gallatin County, and the rest of it to Park County.. Montana's postal abbreviation is MT and its FIPS state code is 30 The state of Montana offers a variety of license plates from sponsored organizations. $10.30 for a replacement plate with a new number. County numbers were originally assigned based … License Plate Number: County: County Seat: 1: Butte-Silver Bow: Butte: 2: Cascade: Great Falls: 3: Yellowstone: Billings: 4: Missoula: Missoula: 5: Lewis & Clark: Helena: 6: Gallatin: Bozeman: 7: Flathead: Kalispell: 8: Fergus: Lewistown: 9: Powder River: Broadus: 10: Carbon: Red Lodge: 11: Phillips: Malta: 12: Hill: Havre: 13: Ravalli: Hamilton: 14: Custer: Miles City: 15: Lake: Polson: 16: Dawson: Glendive: 17: … Historians have tried to explain some of the inconsistencies with tales of bribery, political power and even simple typographical errors. 7-1234 license plate means the car is from Flathead County, where Kalispell is the county Price: US $87.00. Highlights include the “Women Build Montana” mural at the Montana Capitol building in Helena, and the “Heart of Missoula” murals at the intersection of Higgins and Broadway in downtown Missoula. It was developed in the 1930's and mostly based on the population at that … APPLICATION FOR PERSONALIZED LICENSE PLATES Office Use Only ** Before completing, see page 2 for Plate Requirements. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Please subscribe to keep reading. There are 56 counties in the U.S. state of Montana.Montana has two consolidated city-counties—Anaconda with Deer Lodge County and Butte with Silver Bow County.The portion of Yellowstone National Park that is in Montana was not part of any county until 1978.Then part of it was added to Gallatin County, and the rest of it to Park County. An You see in Montana we distinguish the county of registration on a list of numbers from 1-56. These aren’t to be confused with "antique" plates, which are new plates featuring throwback designs from decades past — which, of course Montana also offers. Please Note: Montana does not have a general business license.Visit the Secretary of State’s website for information about registering your business. Montana ( MT) license plates are notorious. Speciality License Plates from Montana . interesting update appeared in The Billings Gazette on 02 may 2014, showing what In fact, if you see Montana license plate numbers on expensive or unusual cars (or the so-called "recreational vehicles"), this is the sole reason to worry. County numbers were originally Here is the list of license plate numbers as assigned to the MT counties (1-xxxx would be Silver Bow county). A glance at the numbers may offer some insight into why proposals to update the system have failed. This site shows the state map and the ID number that goes with each county... like a by assbutt31 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . If there is a specific vehicle in question, please leave either the last six digits of the VIN or the Montana plate number. Register your Vehicle Permanently: Qualifying vehicles are 11 years or older. This denotes Passenger registration, and also keeps the plate format constant between one and two-digit county codes. Kansas began county coding in 1930, assigning each county a number from 1 through 105 based on the 1930 population census. the county-number designation would be if 2010 census data were used instead of {{start_at_rate}} {{format_dollars}} {{start_price}} {{format_cents}} {{term}}, {{promotional_format_dollars}}{{promotional_price}}{{promotional_format_cents}} {{term}}, James and Sarah Dean talk about their life experience, Local Legend Piano Pat at the Sip 'n Dip | Montanans. Hadley Ferguson is known for her large-scale murals featuring iconic Montana landscapes and people. 1930 Pop. then {{format_dollars}}{{start_price}}{{format_cents}} per month. MV8 (1/18) Page 1 of 2 This form is available in alternate formats for people with disabilities. Montana county and state authorities reserve the right to reject any form that has been altered. You can cancel at any time. A plan was proposed in the 1999 Find a pair of 1967 Montana license plates and the Montana Motor Vehicle Division will allow you to re-activate them for use on your vehicle. Trucks now use the same plates as passenger. MACo enhances the public service mission of counties by promoting integrity and providing proactive leadership while acknowledging and respecting Montana’s diversity. Lincoln County would have the biggest change, moving up from 56 in the current system to 10 in the revised system. Browse or search the table below for the licenses you need. But ignoring the confusion it might cause, what would happen if Montana were to update its license plate codes using a system similar to the one supposedly used in the 1930s, but based on the most recent official population data? With the largest loss of population of any county in Montana, it's little wonder that Silver Bow County would lose its number 1 license plate … 9. As of 2001, license plates for light vehicles (1 ton or less) of any age may be registered for 24 months (2 years), or a permanent registration may be issued for vehicles 11 years and older. You have permission to edit this article. Plate No. 4. Ended: Jan 10, 2021. The system brought plenty of bickering, in that Silver Bow County was designated the number 1 though it was not the most populous county. Montana License Plates. View information on license plate types & requirements More Info HOME | CONTACT | ATTORNEY GENERAL | NEWS | MT.GOV | TITLE 6 INFO | PRIVACY & SECURITY POLICY Seventy-five years ago this year, Montana began a license-plate numbering scheme based on county population rankings from the 1930 census. The following is a few examples of the plates you can get for your vehicle: Arts Organizational License Plates, for example: Montana Association of … Gallatin County, then ranked ninth in population, received a plate code of 6. License plates are issued for a one-year period, by the County Treasurer in the county where owner of the vehicle resides. interesting update appeared in The Billings Gazette on 02 may 2014, showing what Plates by Transportation Commissioner district and County Seats. County Plate No. the county-number designation would be if 2010 census data were used instead of In the 1930s, the state legislature devised a system that could be used to identify vehicles by the county in … Montana Legislature Session to change things, but it was defeated. the 1930 data. But while the population explanation holds true for some counties, a cursory look at a ranking of each county by 1930 population shows some discrepancies with the final vehicle registration codes. Cascade County was next, then Yellowstone County, which is why most of the standard blue license plates in the Billings area start with a 3. the 1930 data. County Address Phone County Number; Beaverhead: Physical: 102 N Washington St Dillon, MT 59725 Mailing: Same: Phone: 406-683-5821 Fax: 406-683-5693: 18: Big Horn: Physical: 121 W 3rd St Hardin, MT 59034 Mailing: P.O. She designed this plate exclusively for MoFi in 2017. 2. A legislative proposal for revising the system was introduced in 1999 to make the system more meaningful. License Plate Code for . In an unusual move, Montana is now allowing registrants to get new plates on several previous base designs. Nonetheless, this throws another 50 or so potential designs into the mix. seat. Montana Counties. Item location: East Texas, Pennsylvania, United States. License Plate Beginnings. $1 for a … Travelers on Montana's highways often wonder what, if anything, the numerical prefixes on the state's license plates mean. Plates in counties #1-9 carry the letter "P" after the county number. Are you thinking of buying a used car?The reasons for looking up a license plate number can vary from person to person, or from situation to situation. But in Montana, you may want to read the rules before looking up a license plate number. The commonly held belief is that the numbers were assigned based on the population of each county during the 1930 U.S. census. Did you get in an accident? COME IN AND PULL A NUMBER FOR RENEWALS & TITLES. Silver Bow County, having the largest population at the time, was given a code of 1. The Gallatin County Driver's License Office is located at 2005 Gilkerson Dr. #B, Bozeman, MT (off of Griffin Drive). You will need to submit a sworn statement and pay a replacement fee: 1. ** Fees include 3% administration fee per MCA 61-3-111. So, this year, 2020, all 2009 vehicles are now eligible. Prefix Numbers in a Given District. District 1; 4 - Missoula; 7 - Flathead; 13 - Ravalli; 15 - Lake; 28 - Powell; 35 - Sanders; 46 - Granite; 54 - Mineral; 56 - Lincoln; District 2; 1 - Silver Bow; 6 - Gallatin; 18 - Beaverhead; 25 - Madison; 30 - Anaconda / Deer Lodge; 43 - Broadwater; 47 - Meagher; 49 - Park; 51 - Jefferson; District 3; 2 - Cascade 5 - Lewis & Clark 12 - Hill The new Montana base is now being issued. Wheatland and Garfield counties have both seen decreases in population over the last eight decades, but their rankings among the 56 counties remain the same as when the codes were issued. But if the plate … County allocation system - On the current base, the letter A is used in the last position. You will be required to show proof of eligibility to receive the benefit of the exemption. 0-12345A. For example, Powder River County was assigned a vehicle registration code of 9, but its population in the 1930 census was only 3,909 people, making it the 46th most-populous county at the time. Driving across the state, you'll notice the numbers change from town to town, which should give some insight into why the numbers are there. Upon reaching 9999A, the series advances to B in the last position. Automobile License Numbers for Montana’s Counties, Information Courtesy Of Montana Highway Patrol. 00-1234A. Are you checking up on a daughter’s boyfriend? Montana License Plate Lookup Information. Geography Quiz / Montana Counties By License Plate Number Random Geography Quiz Can you name the Montana Counties By License Plate Number. USE THE DISPLAY AT THE EAST ENTRANCE TO: TRACK YOUR PLACE IN LINE SEE WHEN IT'S YOUR TURN TO … The largest drop would be by Powder River County, which would go from its current code of 9 all the way down to 48, two spots lower than its deserved 1930 ranking. You now qualify for an exemption (e.g., military, tribal) that is not reflected on your registration renewal notice. In the 1930s, the state legislature devised a system that could be used to identify vehicles by the county in which they were registered. An Embossed black serial on orange plate with border line; "MONTANA–28" centered at bottom … Montana 1992 passenger issue. The table below shows the complete list of counties with their real plate numbers and possible plate numbers if the system were revised today. From 1913 through 1929, there was no county designation on Kansas license plates. Enjoy unlimited articles at one of our lowest prices ever. Shipping: FREE Standard Shipping | See details . VEHICLE REGISTRATION Flathead County Treasurer 935 1st Ave W 2nd floor Kalispell, MT 59901 406-758-5690 Hours 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM ATTENTION! License Your name or address changed, you moved to a different county, or you no longer live in Montana. 1930 Rank 2010 Pop. Most plates can be personalized with a custom plate number as long as the state’s guidelines are followed. The proposal gained little support, possibly due to the confusion it would cause among residents used to the decades-old system already in place. Sell one like this; Sponsored items from this seller Feedback on our suggestions - Sponsored items from this seller. Click here for the Billings Gazette story. if changed Change Yellowstone: 3 30,785 3 147,972 1 +2 Missoula: 4 21,782 4 109,299 2 +2 Flathead: 7 19,200 5 90,928 3 +4 Need a Montana state license? Montana began requiring vehicle registration plates in 1915. See the list (PDF) of Montana cities and their counties, county numbers, and zip codes. You’ve come to the right place. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Montana 1967 SANDERS COUNTY LOW NUMBER License Plate PAIR 35-83 at the best online prices at eBay! Click here for the Billings Gazette story. Free shipping for many products! WE ARE LIMITING THE NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS IN OUR LOBBY. Butte-Silverbow County is number 1 and the list ends with Lincoln County in northwestern Montana as number 56. But none of the explanations given can completely solve the riddle of how so many counties could receive a license plate code that didn't match its rank. were assigned about 1930 and have not changed since then. OUR LOBBY IS OPEN! A plan was proposed in the 1999 Seller: me | Seller's other items. VEHICLE OWNER … 00-1234A. Montana Legislature Session to change things, but it was defeated. 0-12345A. If your license plate or expiration sticker is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can get a replacement from the MT MVD by going in person to your local county treasurer's office. ABC123. For the sake of argument, we've put together a list of what today's license plate codes would be if the codes were to be updated based on the …. Some residents might be surprised to learn how high Flathead County now ranks among Montana's 56 counties. More counties would drop in the rankings than rise. Montana began requiring vehicle registration plates in 1915. $15.45 for a duplicate plate with your current number. $10.30 for a replacement decal for a permanently registeredplate. Same issue as above, this plate was issued in county #37 (Daniels county). Over the years the appearance of the Montana license plate has evolved, depending on regulations, available materials, preferences of the Montana Highway Patrol, or vehicle owners’ requests. In 1891, the second legislature established a tax on property, but it was not until 1913 that motor vehicles were considered taxable property. 3. In 1926, the Treasure State added the county identifier to the beginning of the plate numbers. Under state law, the Montana Motor Vehicle Division can refuse to issue any license plate containing “any combination of letters or numbers, or both, that may carry connotations offensive to Especially when you … What's the deal with Montana's license plate numbering system? Only two counties would get to keep their current license plate code if the system were updated using 2010 census data.

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