Affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, the school opens admissions to pupils from the Kindergarten level. NAME OF SCHOOL: GEMS MODERN NURSERY Sr. No Area / Route Annual Fee 2018-19 (AED) TRANSPORT FEE PER TERM (AED) 2018-2019 Term 1 (Apr - Jun) Term 2 ... and insurance of bus journeys. GEMS Modern Academy 0. Fees for students following the … >N A[������(bL)U���m� �'�i#3�e)�u�#"a�^h�,�4e�����~�q�s�kG�3Rv8g�c��V��1!�~+qf3G�fC��l̰zo�1#�i�J@���G��E e0y�z9�r�1���{�^H�ݰ! Arc Skills 1,564 views. {Tv� j�}��Z̡I���v��}5 &d���Y̑�����vl�H�GL��*�� \RQ��`j#H�H�|NϯW���l�O��1�-�j�����j �����|=Փ�����ᥟ��㖈wgXx)h1��_��`ൣ˘���Ew�zN�Y�= ���(c"�a���ߧj2G ���OH��i:Y-�f�� cUq�OeU��L'�I̠qbBDg������| �� <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 30 0 R 40 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The school has a unique atmosphere with a strong academic focus combined with a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Nargish Khambatta, the head of GEMS Modern Academy tweeted, "Sometimes these things are difficult to explain. ���> For all other years: 500 QR (non-refundable, non-transferable: payable on day of assessment) Bus Fees. ��I%U�%D7�F?�&xx��..g�����ã�vv~=���yx������������j��m������-^��|v1_�z�>9�ߝ��j���ϟ%Q'�O�D�H�*��ϟ��/���3!b�"� C=�c�9���>v��vv5W��*����y�e������Y,���{S��ZOb�9��3 �2��Wp�Ӝ:�*�����N�鿢��? Our current enrollment is 552 / between 2.5 – 12.5 years. Each bus is equipped with seat belts, GPS tracking, CCTV cameras, sleep check buttons and a bus monitor who ensures that children are behaving safely as the bus … endobj GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail is the most expensive school in the Very Good category with fees between AED 35,000 and AED 79,185, closely followed by Deira International School between AED 38,328 and AED 77,222. <> Now, it is based in Nad Al Sheba area and offers education to mainly Indian students comprising the student population. <>/Metadata 167 0 R/ViewerPreferences 168 0 R>> 120/- for the Transfer Certificate … GEMS Modern Academy South City II Gurgaon ,User reviews & rating, fee structure 2017 , admissions 2018-2019, school contact details, Compare upto 4 schools GEMS Modern Academy South City II Gurgaon, and get details information with ranking among other gurgaon schools at Skoolfi Abhay from GEMS Modern Academy tells us what a safe and reliable school bus journey feels like. Contacts. 8l�������v��_n��67�`��fsW���7���!�U�!5{w����7tǶ���/�\���G����]*hޠ�n�����gm��ҵ}# d��B�r.�,It6bF�0�b�`��!��J���f{�E>�Hl _ѱE�],�!���� ���A�����+��5������\���7����o��z�O\m�j��U8y]�E%�h�T����\�m>��uȯ�\�{����go��A�3���,ZY����|�������vs��?�۰�i�4���=Gp��M�f2�A�^�e���(�F��׉HOS4Y���M�P(z��^"�6��D�AHUj�x�"x��%I� ��HT����^<09�x�`�P�6f���̀�� �Y�Rp49"%}= ����9ʖD� Contact info, Admission 2020-2021, Fee Structure, Ranking, Rating & Reviews. about Gems academy Alexandria. GEMS MODERN ACADEMY projects an educational outlook few schools can rival and strives to make its pupils stand ‘head and shoulders’ above their counterparts anywhere in the world. Show on map Book now. 1) Application Fee (when registering online): AED 525 (including VAT) This fee is: 1. x��}ms�8���T�?�ӕ����T*�8N2���${�ꞝ�+�Vb�ؒG�3����/ � ��Iekǡ�&���ht7����n�yqq=~|rw���Z^F�8>����������ŗ�zq�ڬ���?�᭿.�����W���g:��{�䏧O�(���I�EY�ũ� Once you have submitted the necessary information, a member of our enrolment team will get in touch with you to proceed with your child's enrolment. <> endobj 1:53. This Quiz was one of the best around and over 30 teams from various schools in the UAE and abroad (from India) came to participate. Digital learning at Gems Modern Academy in Dubai - … School Transport. The completed Withdrawal Form along with a fee of Dhs. %�RF���'���h��I��2� 6JEpZ�Y��"Ndtq����ۛŗe��D��keC��,c�=�|��sx������?? GEMS Modern Academy was established in 1986 and grew rapidly when it moved to a campus located near Mazaya Center in Sheikh Zayed Road. All entries are emailed to the respective institution. Bus Service 1. Welcome to GEMS Modern Academy.World’s largest KG-Grade12 Education Provider at Smart city - Kochi Kerala, offering an Indian curriculum with an international flavor. At GEMS American Academy Qatar, our priority is the safety of the children in our care and we strive to provide a friendly and caring environment designed to remove any stress and concern; we ensure that your children are safely transported from home to school and back. stream Gems academy Alexandria Situated in the coastal city of Alexandria, GEMS Academy Alexandria (GAA) was established in 2011 and offers a high quality education system from Pre-play to Year 7 (British Division) and from Petite Section to CM2 (French Division). A few easy clicks to secure your child's place. � �>���~����%���ʘ�K�X��^�� t&���^ͳ��&=A�����)z}3?������4���^�ui��vsꞤ <> QF�:!���HP��#��c�Aֈ4�z�>ޜl���8B��#�������0ʋu4� ��.Cd�%"�K�I2/cYZJ0m:�� �+-m�.E,`J�bR��y嵼�B�T��R�c):����{��`�@�͒W+}��82R��>���F�f#+~��^�/'c$gҼ*GկYF�H&­��e�vwul$6�b��`GE95b���t���h���!�RL����"$������~�Κ'�?Vre\�!��ZE���$��䂤�&4� Refundable if the school does not offer the student a place. Welcome to School Transport Services a?? Fees and prices information for GEMS Modern Academy, customised to your children ages. Top Best School in Dubai offering CISCE ICSE (Class X), ISC (Class XII),IB DP | SchoolMyKids Start your child’s registration by filling the below form. The following fees apply for a two-way (pick-up and drop off) service: More than 100 delegates from various road-safety committed organizations and the media attended the programme. Skills 21 GEMS Modern Academy Dubai UAE - Duration: 1:53. ԝ��}�2�MNi�����S긿X`��㔲o.����Zꨀ�DҮ�2�5/�B��흕!�1��A���0D�H�R"��Dq�w�2����������I���0�Ya�U?������M��M���?�B9�=��b�a��!άIm�3#�Q���%��a�5���qT|�L`7�h}+�E�rb���k#y@A�!] endobj With the GEMS Connect App, parents can now access student information, track bus location, pay fees, view circulars, newsletters, timetable, assesment reports and track attendance, submit leave requests and do much more in one place. %PDF-1.7 Founded on the 18th of October, 1986, Gems Modern Academy projects an educational outlook few schools can rival. Bus attendants on board are there to maintain orderly conduct and ensure the safety of your child during each bus ride. To inquire about fees, admissions or additional details at GEMS Modern Academy, please fill in the below form with your information. 3. Non-refundable if the school offers the student a place but the student chooses not to take it. GEMS Connect. FP����|sQFB��� �ʢ"ajf$v$��?gW��ut>/g��Q:[���lw;W����͏$�P�Ζ۹�}]],w��~6��:,ޟ��Cp������@�*�k�W�,N We showcased their latest school bus and staff bus technology. The school is the only Indian curriculum school to be ranked Outstanding by the KHDA and offers the CICSE curriculum to grade 12, with an alternative International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme option in grades 11 and 12. }"��"�B��9>{oOb!%�) Um���?��� ���O��c��;:���׀e� ����w���^ ��^�C��G�*ΰ�E,� It also won the accolade of Best Indian School in the UAE at the … 7A8>N?�kE��d\�&rL��Q�tD���s�w!�]��ү.���'�h��p~T�޼���m�%�����9�y�-)M}�0�d�M7_��{����/?���Eud`h�O�T2P���$�3-jUG���χ�gU�b+�q�kWG�F�(C��,�I�z�\�ګ[A]7g�jpȅ�����n�xZ8��U�n�iN��n!9����Q��T� A�E��DB�MK��l�$��|��bT��e١��%^��!3۞'���$`��Aq��v;POi��2+��Ӂ�`�&�.S ~5�$�:��II�ȯ)5(���pJ���h���WLC4�b�����ʣR�N�n�b� H�m˙�%ȼCiER��cR7������ ]�']J̭���ܙH�p��r ��t�����N�n�vZ�HA ��\t��X��O��D|Ê�e]Q�x��[7���q@�x�Kc0�5u�J���O�+�S�:� ���� Bright Bus Transport (BBT) provides daily buses to and from GEMS World Academy. Send Inquiry. %���� Assessment Fee: Free for Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation Stage 2. Unless, the child’s registration is carried forward to the following academic year. An all through school, GEMS Modern Academy (previously, Dubai Modern High School) educates children aged three (pre-KG) to 18 years of age. GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai, Nad Al Sheba +9714326339; Book now. endobj Welcome to GEMS Modern Academy, Kochi GEMS Modern Academy, Kochi offers an exciting, dynamic and inclusive educational experience Toddlers (1.5 years) and currently to Grade 9. GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai, rated 4.3 of 5 on SchoolMyKids. %���� %PDF-1.7 The speaker line up included Dubai Police and our CSR partners Serco, MIX Telematics, SafetyMedia, STS, Michelin & Tyreplus and RoadSafetyUAE. &�ۓ�8�@Г"�%��Y69�BŢ�� J}�/���ԈUB��Ïa�I ���`z��M�E�屒>�N���t�w`���r�o�i�+��V�O�`r���0cw�R~���9�6�hp�M��rN鍉eQ�aVvbQx�G�Q�����G^i�*�۔�+N�Ь�y��p�]��'^�7ǚ3��Q�q!Z���?�DkOnfE����[� "�U�j:�J�S]���j�Hr\�%�wW�(�\^Qd�D�ưUyq A�F�L�i���O819[��y�A��� All the info about GEMS Modern Academy: Extracurricular activies, if teachers are native, class sizes, school bus availability, prices, etc. 1 0 obj gM���U(���9JE`|�K��]: ��t�~���Dܢ�o���⍖��Z��O(Z�v�n���t-BϾ�l��V`�%ԯ�C�.W��̓�0�~M��n\\N��lu���ʌ1�w�rd��Ɖ������w�ݳ�#o�B���?��eBҁ"��q5"���.EWv�WD��y5�{�A����7rUN7��;�NбP�?��j�Y0R,s��E��ǭ�3 ՊXpi�����X�N������0��e�. 2. Welcome and thank you for visiting GEMS World Academy-Abu Dhabi, an esteemed school in a vibrant city of culture and contrast. We are located in the downtown area on Fatima Bint Mubarak Street in the heart of Abu Dhabi. �@T�;��!�Zk�6�%z�A�lf�p3J-/��1��j j�Ƌcؤ(rT�P Facebook 47.3k followers Twitter 34k followers LinkedIn 12.1k followers YouTube 3.47k followers. *��/U�n�[�Ft��p��ȜA���B�V�&Cw�V��A��O�7��LE����p�:���Q�[����c+�!�ڇ�M�(d���һ��gF!�4MN`ɖ�;U��k�'j6�z����l��� U�T�������U�y�Ѵ�}��1��6p[�^Z�l�#�rÆx�[)��ͮ;�D���i�5@8m�� F ��a�!��L����zU7� were you looking for one of our other group companies? Fees at Dubai Modern are relatively affordable for a GEMS school, ranging from AED 28,646 for pre-KG to AED 35,360 for KG rising to AED 40,044 in Grades 1 and 2 and reaching AED 52,427 for the ICSE curriculum in Grades 11 and 12. (Y$��]!g�' ��� � GEMS Wellington School offers a bus transport service to students. stream Not deductible from the total tuition fees to be paid if the student is offered and accepts a place. Fee History Average annual fee GEMS Modern Academy Fee History Source: government data Average annual fee 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 AED 30000 AED 35000 AED 40000 AED 45000 With the GEMS Connect App, parents can now access student information, track bus location, pay fees, view circulars, newsletters, timetable, assesment reports and track attendance, submit leave requests and do much more in one place. Please note, all tuition fees are in accordance with the fee structure established by GEMS Education under the guidance of Qatar’s MOEHE-approved school fee schedule. GEMS Connect. Online application & registration, Admission process, Contact Number, Fee Structure, Reviews, Rating & get Admission form details of GEMS Modern Academy, South City II, Sector 50, Gurugram. WELCOME MESSAGE From the Principal. �p��E���Q!�X��2���e�%rp;rF�\���f�ü��m��Tq�XR��Ĕq�E'�����?fq25]i��2ɫ����qĦq�p���Gjv~65���K����гH�q����aI��e����TN L� �S�pT�D���� �,hҖ2Nu$b�ƙ�&��Y�Y���N`�i�i1���h�$q�T�z�K���;�h�R#R�DEm*`��C�Ԡ�ʀ��E����K��NԶ]t�3��f/��~�l��aKۧ0�2 D}������b�#�bE�Q�Hfm/p? All bus seats are equipped with seat belts. 2 0 obj Confidential Document IMS_STS_OP_03_08 (VERSION 6.0) TRANSPORT FEES – RATE LIST.DOC Page 1 of 1 NAME OF SCHOOL: GEMS MODERN ACADEMY Sr. No Area / Route Annual Fee 2018-19 (AED) TRANSPORT FEE PER TERM (AED) 2018-2019 Term 1 (Apr - Jun) Term 2 (Sept - Dec) Term 3 (Jan - Mar) 1 International City, Rashidiya, Dubai Silicon 1 0 obj Find GEMS Modern Academy, South City II,Sector 50, Gurugram. Ms. Nargish Khambatta At GEMS Modern Academy, we take the responsibility of nurturing our children’s dreams seriously and ensure they enjoy their academic journey, as the most glorious years are spent in the safe environs of school, where the wonder of first-time experiences craft childhood memories that will be savoured forever. ɫ�#��qƊ8}. Updated January 2020 – GEMS Modern Academy Dubai 2019 KHDA Inspection and verdict “The mark of a progressive society is that it is an inclusive one.” Nargish Khambatta, Principal, GEMS Modern Academy Background GEMS Modern Academy is a seriously fabulous school. �+�B���A��?��r�a���xGA�r���;B�i����z�hT���2E����.���Xy�4�xr�:�ɷ����:b�{����/�hp�j�F�lLc��a�K���aj6�p�����\� Below, you will find several reasons for you to choose the School Bus Services. 2 0 obj CISCE, IB affiliated International, Coed Day School in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, , Emirate of Dubai from Nursery/Preschool to Senior Secondary School (XI-XII). endobj <>/Metadata 191 0 R/ViewerPreferences 192 0 R>> 4 0 obj The Modern Quiz Club was conducted a fiery quiz … read more + 4 0 obj 2) Registration Depo… If your child uses this service, you will be billed every semester. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 30 0 R 40 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> GEMS (Singapore) contracts an external bus service to transport students to and from school daily. 3 0 obj 3 0 obj WN\�or�egi��o�a�i�������A��Q���Y������cN��!G�}��7E:v4$I���'w5R���,�-F�$�ͣ�xE��/�*b���(�`}�#��7�Q��Qģq��z1�)�����c���cz� ����H�H�Z�foQ���;lB�yP/^a8��-����iQ�g��B����d�pr�5ż���[� ��jJ��i�c�|>Ĭ�`,�� �gg!1昖��LD��{����ا��a9����v����ӷ�������K4[��~|9\��DR�� \��S��Ӆ_N޽6I�d�� ���)X����{Jar@�FO�>���2@ۏh/h�zw��B��=R��'/=��Q~r Students at Modern learn about the world and the people in it from an early […] endobj <> x��]ms�8�����~���b�x%9�J�c'��N&�س[W;[W�-�ڱ%�$'����� �

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